Suncoast Area Fellowship Development Committee

The Suncoast Area Fellowship Development Committee was formed as a standing ad-hoc subcommittee under the Suncoast ASC. We handle the resources such as Hospitals and Institutions, Webpage/IT, Helpline, Rack/Literature Distribution, Newsletter, and Public Information. If you would like to know more about your local Suncoast FDC, we meet at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, 833 Magellan Drive, Sarasota FL 34243 (click here for a map of the location) on the second Sunday of the month. We start at 1:30PM for the individual resource meetings, 2:30PM is the FDC meeting, and the FDC orientation starts at 3:30PM. This facility is not affiliated with NA!

We keep what we have by giving it away! Service is the backbone of the NA community!

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