Help Wanted

hands help wanted

This section of the website is dedicated to listing the positions available at the Suncoast Area of Narcotics Anonymous Area Service Committee and the Fellowship Development Committee. These will be updated on a regular basis. Service is the backbone of the NA fellowship.

Please check our current policy to see if you meet the qualifications and get a better understanding of the service position.

To get involved and find out even more, please join us at our Suncoast Area Narcotics Anonymous FDC, starting at 1:30PM for individual resource meetings, and 2:30pm for the actual FDC meeting. We welcome you to stay as well for the ASC meeting starting at 4PM after the FDC meetings, and all this takes place on the second Sunday of every month at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs fellowship hall, 833 Magellan Drive, Sarasota FL 34243 (click here for a map). This facility is not affiliated with Narcotics Anonymous or the local NA fellowship. Thank you!

ASC Positions Available

None currently! Thanks for your service!

FDC Positions Available

  • Fellowship Development Vice Chair.
  • Fellowship Development Vice Secretary
  • Phone Line Coordinator and CoCordinator
  • Newsletter CoCordinator

Rack Resource Volunteers: No clean time requirement for this valuable service. It consists of replenishing literature at already established racks. Addicts need to travel in pairs.

Phone Line Volunteers. One year clean time requirement.

As always the Newsletter appreciate literary minded individuals to help contribute to the publication.

Hospitals and Institutions is ALWAYS looking for trusted servants to bring meetings into facilities!

Show up at 1:30pm to attend the H&I resource committee meeting!

All FDC Groups accept and need volunteers.  Helpline, Newsletter, Public Relations, Hospitals and Institutions, Web Site (WordPress experience especially helpful), and Rack Resources.  Most Sub Committee teams meet at 1:30 on the day of Area Service – or check with FDC at 2:30 to speak with members of specific teams.

It’s been suggested that groups send a willing member of their home group to the FDC meeting as a liaison to bring back information for their group! FDC meeting starts at 2:30pm!